Choosing The Right Hair Colour & Cut For You

Here comes that oh so familiar feeling...

I've had my hair appointment booked for 3 weeks now.

Those 3 weeks?

Filled with 'should I, shouldn’t I?'

Showing my colleague Tammy screenshots of beautiful young singers and models and watching her expression as she tries to break it to me that I am not Cara Delevingne...

How do you really, like realllyyy know what colour suits you best?

Of course over time we change, the pigment in our skin and our eyes change. So something that suited me when I was 20 may not suit me now

But age is just a number isn’t it!?

As you grow into your thirties and forties etc your style evolves (hopefully), so really our hairstyle should also grow with us.

Having said this I can stand assured I do not want to fall into the trap of going with something “age appropriate” by who’s standards I don’t actually know?

Having spent what seems like a lifetime scrolling through Pinterest and uploading awful Monday night, just out of the gym photos to a virtual try on. I have come to the conclusion that what suits you best at any stage in your life is a colour that compliments your own colour palette, narrated by your skin and eyes.

Furthermore a cut that works with your natural hair texture.

It really is as simple as that.

So what have we concluded?

That by taking these patronisingly simple steps, we don’t need to depend on that false tan or coral blusher to avoid our colour ‘drowning us out’.

Then the obvious…

Get a haircut that works for you. Something manageable that fits around you and your lifestyle and doesn’t dictate it.

The days of resting our head on an ironing board praying our girlfriends don’t burn us are gone. Let’s embrace what works for us as individuals and really be “our best selves” cliche as it may sound. 

Now to find the right colour for your skin tone.

In order to pick the best colour for your skin tone, you need to really understand what your undertone is.

For those with cool tones you should opt for warmer hair colours to neutralise this. Same goes for warmer complexions, choose the cool tone to find that perfect balance. Those of you lucky people with neutral undertones can pull off either, we are sure you have been complimented on this over the years!

Now what about the Cut?

Like the pigment fade in your skin, the texture of your hair can change.

Really try and take a step back and evaluate the texture of your hair as it is today. Holding on to old ideas of ‘my hair won’t hold a curl’ or ‘I can never get any volume’ may not be the case anymore.

Really narrow it down to what you do or use on your hair that always works best and why that may be. From here you now have a better understanding of yourself.

Hopefully you now can research and discuss with your stylist a narrow search of ‘haircut best for fine frizzy hair’ and perhaps ‘warm blonde tones that aren’t brassy'.

Once you do this just always remember to wear it well. 

This is your cut & colour designed for you. 

No imitations of the latest pop star. Simply a hairstyle chosen by you to compliment everything about you in the best possible way.