Hair Is The Crown We Never Take Off

How do we keep our hair youthful?

Are you, like all of us, conscious of your hair? And no wonder right?

When you switch on your tv and another shampoo advert pops up:
*change the channel
"Oh hey we can do our colour ourselves now too with this easy home kit!"

Then we have the dreaded hair loss. Men in particular having their appearance hanging in the balance at first glance:
"Is his hairline receeding?"
"Has he got the shiny bald spot at the back?.."

It's everywhere you look!

I want to know more about it! So what do we need to know to keep our hair youthful.

How does hair grow?

Our hair grows from a teeny weeny root in the scalp and pushes through the almighty hair follicle.

The blood vessels in our scalp then feed this root encouraging it to grow!

So I guess you really are what you eat huh?..

The better we hydrate ourselves and the healthier we keep our bodies the better our roots will be fed, right? Easier said than done.

For me that isn’t always the case; I skip the gym and drink the wine, *Google searches* what can I buy to nourish my scalp…

Eventually (not long after) I'm down a rabbit hole of contemplating rubbing egg yolks all over my hair or booking In for an extortionate scalp therapy treatment!..

But, we move..

The key is:

Use a good home-care range and have regular trims. It's not a myth, having your hair cut WILL help your hair grow.

Why, you ask?

Because those split ends we can’t avoid will split, split and split..      Cutting those evil ends off will allow your hair to grow down to its true potential.

Then the obvious .. Shampoo and its companions.

I am unfortunately at the point in my life where I REFUSE to leave the house without a generous slathering of factor 50! I love you vitamin D but I don’t need those tell tale wrinkles you grace us with. The price of a little vitamin boost just isn’t fair...

So the same really applies for protecting your hair.

If you enjoy colouring your hair, it will need protein & moisture. If you are exposed to sun, it too will need SPF.

My outcome to this?

I have an appointment booked with my hilariously funny and almost inappropriately gossipy stylist next week. Alongside this I have invested in a full and promising home care range to help me skip the gym and drink the wine with a guilt free conscience!